Let our Business Take Care of Your Business


With Us by your side, we can find the optimal solutions for your specific needs and budget. Personal guidance and support is what differentiates a New York Life agent from other business service providers. Therefore, when you enter into a relationship with New York Life, you can rest assured that you are supported by skilled professionals who will provide well-considered guidance that meets your business’s ever-changing needs.

Employee solutions Our suite of group and voluntary products helps you offer your eligible employees and their families added financial security. But we won’t stop there. New York Life agents make it their personal mission to connect with each individual and help address financial needs beyond what is being offered at the workplace.

Business solutions We will work with you, your accountant, and/or your attorney to understand your unique needs and to find the best solutions for you and your business. When needed, our agents will rely on our own experienced team of advanced planning professionals who have backgrounds in legal and tax areas to help ensure that your solutions are complete and sound.*

Executive Benefits Solutions Successful businesses have successful executives or key employees; therefore, owners need to be aware of techniques for attracting, retaining, and rewarding key staff. Your New York Life agent can help you implement customized strategies to accomplish these goals.

Personal solutions Knowing that your family is financially protected provides one of the most significant forms of peace of mind that can be had. New York Life agents are trained to assess personal needs and objectives. A simple evaluation can help you make sure you have enough protection and can meet your financial goals.


*Neither New York Life Insurance Company nor its agents or employees provide tax or legal advice. Please consult your tax and/or legal advisors regarding your particular situation before implementing any strategies.



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