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At Kornegay Kapital Group, we love the fact that each day is different at our firm. No client is the same as any other, and we take joy in being able to provide highly-customized solutions for every unique situation. Our clients see the big picture and have a vision for their future. Whether that's to protect their family, feel secure in retirement, or continue growing their thriving business, we are by their side to help them crystallize their goals and get on track to achieve them.

Everything we do is grounded in our clients’ best interests, and we go above and beyond to meet their needs because they're like family to us. Honest communication, transparency, and consistent availability are cornerstones of our practice, and our clients rest easy knowing we’ll be with them through every season of life. If you’re looking for a firm that will shoot you straight, provide resources and insight, and help you gain confidence in your financial future, we’d love to be of service to you.

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